Message from Principal

Dear Parents,

Let me thank all of you for your relentless and unconditioned support.

Teaching your child is a privilege and a great responsibility .I understand and value the trust and confidence you have placed in us by selecting KDUEMS for your child.

Teaching is a never ending learning process.It can be enhanced by quality relationship between school and parents.For a healthy association they need to collaborate.interact,discuss and respect each other.KDUEMS realises all successful educational institutions reach its height of excellence due to the strenuous efforts of its teachers,students and parents.A true partnership between parents and teachers helps any school to reach its optimum level

In the present highly complicated social frame work education is not a simple porcess.It is an onerous task.A successful educational environment is possible only when all stake holders of the system understand their duties and   responsibilities.

What are expected from schooling? Career building or charecter building! That is a crucial question of the day.While materialist education increases the competency,the value based education encourages mutual co operation .To incorporate these two is the bounden task to all educators.So for me  education is not merely a profession -it is a mission and a commitment.We are commited to mould an individual to live in the knowledge oriented world with all human values.Since parents are the primary educators of their children,it demands a whole hearted support from them to make this noble venture a success.

With Thanks >

Rajeevan M P